Greektown Casino Team Members Band Together in Nationwide Responsible Gaming Awareness Campaign - Friday 12th of August 2005

Greektown Casino joins other gaming companies nationwide in sponsoring the eighth annual Responsible Gaming Education Week (Aug. 1-5), the casino announced today.

This years campaign features the distribution of thousands of responsible gaming wristbands by the American Gaming Association (AGA) to casinos and their employees across the nation. To promote responsible gaming, the bright orange wristbands display the message "Keep it Fun" and will be worn by Team Members at Greektown Casino and casinos nationwide.


"Gaming is a form of entertainment, and we at Greektown Casino work tirelessly to help our guests keep it fun," said Greektown Chief Operating Officer Craig Ghelfi. "Our participation in Responsible Gaming Week reminds all of our Team Members and guests of the importance of moderating all forms of entertainment and fun in our lives."

Greektown Casino works hard to combat problem gambling. The casino posts problem gambling toll-free telephone numbers prominently throughout the casino, spends millions of dollars with the state on advertising to fund and support problem gambling counseling, trains its Team Members to recognize signs of problem gambling, and works in conjunction with the Michigan Gaming Control Board to enforce the states disassociated persons list -- a list of people who want themselves banned from casinos to help control their gambling habits.

The theme of this years Responsible Gaming Week is "Were Banding Together to Keep it Fun," which links all gaming stakeholders -- operators, manufacturers, employees, gaming customers, regulators, legislators, treatment professionals and others -- in a common effort to promote responsible gaming.

"We are proud of our year-round commitment to responsible gaming education and counseling programs," Ghelfi said.

Members of the public can order "Keep it Fun" wristbands through the AGA Web site for $1 each, with a minimum of 10 wristbands per order. All proceeds from the sale of "Keep it Fun" wristbands will be donated to the National Center for Responsible Gaming, the only national organization devoted exclusively to public education about and funding of peer-reviewed research on problem gambling.

Responsible Gaming Education Week was developed in 1998 by the AGA. The event is designed to heighten awareness of responsible gaming and disordered gambling among employees, patrons and the general public. This year the AGA is introducing the "Keep it Fun" awareness wristbands to further involve all gaming stakeholders in a universal effort to demonstrate support for increased awareness of responsible gaming issues.

Responsible Gaming Education Week is part of the Responsible Gaming National Education Campaign, a long-term, comprehensive program spearheaded by the AGA.

The AGA represents the commercial casino-entertainment industry by addressing federal legislative and regulatory issues. The association also serves as a clearinghouse for information, develops educational and advocacy programs, and provides leadership on industry-related issues of public concern.

The NCRG was created in 1996 as the only national organization devoted exclusively to public education about and funding of peer-reviewed research on disordered gambling. To date, the casino industry and related businesses have committed more than $13 million to this effort, and the NCRG has issued more than $8 million in support of groundbreaking research on gambling disorders. For more information, visit .

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