Integrity Casino Group fights bonus abuse - Saturday 12th of March 2005

Integrity Casinos recently announced an audit on all player accounts to combat a certain undefined category of players that "detract from the ability of Integrity Casinos to reward the genuine and legitimate players". Unfortunately by not defining this category, this gives Integrity Casinos carte blanche to lock out any player they choose so. This could be interpreted as a genuine attempt to fight bonus abuse, but also as an indication Integrity Casinos is experiencing financial problems.

Here's InfoPowa's take on this development:

Industry observers were this week interpreting a press release from the established and successful online casino group Integrity Casinos as a clear warning that the management has no intention of doing business with so-called *sharp* players, and intends to do something about it.

The consensus seemed to be that the release was a definite warning for the itinerant population interested only in taking advantage of bonuses: get out of Dodge as far as the group's online casinos are concerned.

Captain Cooks Casino, Kingdom Casino and the more recent Classic Casino are all part of the group.

The release reveals that staff are methodically and thoroughly carrying out a full inspection of every account - a formidable task given the likely size of this popular group's gambler base.

The objective is to identify the small percentage of gamblers with whom the group is no longer interested in doing business, and the intention is to enforce right of admission and refusal to contract with those it deems to be more interested in touring for bonuses than an ordinary gambling entertainment based relationship.

Although the group has not put a specific name to the category it is about to exclude, it probably covers whatever are loosely identified as "advantage players, smart players, professional gamblers, math players, bonus hunters or percentage players. "

The release states: "These actions are all designed to ensure that Integrity Casinos is known to operate brands where players who look for genuine gaming entertainment based around playing against the rules of the games fairly, are welcomed and treated with respect and courtesy.

"Players who do not fall into this category detract from the ability of Integrity Casinos to reward the genuine and legitimate players for their continued patronage of our brands, and will not be tolerated."

In enforcing the new policy, the group will be returning deposits and winnings to excluded players, but apparently disqualifying any bonuses. Once locked out, the players will be permanently excluded in terms of right of admission.

Ordinary players will be unaffected by the moves, and will encounter no obstacles to their gambling at the casinos other than experiencing response delays for the short period staff are dedicated to this "...arduous task."

The policy illustrates a growing frustration with time consuming bonus policies and disputes among industry operators, and will be watched with interest as it is progressively applied.

But any retroactive disqualification of bonuses will cause a major row in the player community and could be extremely difficult to justify.

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