Online Bookmakers Unanimous Over Anwar Robinson - Saturday 12th of March 2005

But American Idol Contestants Bice and Turner Making Headway

American Idol may enjoy huge ratings success, but betting on the show hasn't exactly caught on like wildfire just yet., which regularly monitors wagering popularity on specific events, has noticed very little interest. Compare this with the over one million dollars wagered on both the 2004 Elections and 2005 Oscars, respectively. Nevertheless, Sports911 has determined American Idol to be its readers best bet for the week of March 21, 2005.


"It's a close competition," commented Thomas Jensen, Marketing Director for "And whenever you have such a tight race, there will always be favorable odds present."


Take for example Carrie Underwood. Just two weeks ago she was not only a darling of the fans, judges and - yes - the online bookmakers. Now Underwood is posted at with +400 odds. In other words, for every $100 bet on Carrie Underwood, a gambler will take home $400 should she win the competition.


"Anwar Robinson, who performed a flawless rendition of "A House is Not A Home" by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, is the favorite to win among nearly all internet sports betting firms," Jensen stated. "But he's also far from a lock, which means we're looking at pay out odds of +140 at; +150 at and +200 at In other words, Anwar Robinson is still technically an underdog to win."


While there seems to be a consensus among online bookmakers regarding Robinson, the next three spots are interchangeable among betting firms.


Carrie Underwood is definitely losing ground across the board. lists her with the same odds as, +200. has her at +300.


But Bo Bice and Nadia Turner continue to demonstrate their staying power.


"These are the two that bare watching and offer the best value for gamblers. Bice pays $250 to $300 for every $100 bet depending on the gambling firm. Nadia Turner wowed the judges with her version of the 1966 Dusty Springfield hit "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" prompting hypercritical judge Simon Cowell to pronounce "In a competition full of hamburgers you are a steak." Turner pays $300 for every $100 bet at; $400 for every $100 bet at and $500 for every $100 bet at"


Most of the online wagering firms only allow a minimum of between $200 to $500 per bet on these types of events. The payout odds tend to diminish as we get closer to the final week so interested gamblers are urged to place their bets now. $20 is all that many betting sites require to open an account with one's credit card or alternative deposit method.


"Keep in mind, the American Idol competition is evolving each week and at any given time one or more of the favorites could either flounder or disassociate themselves with the show," Jensen advised.


He alluded to Mario Vazquez, who up until last week was the show's leading contender. Vazquez dropped out of the competition for reasons that are still unclear.


With that in mind, there are still a handful of big underdogs to root for, among them Mikalah Gordon, who pays out a whopping $3000 at should he actually win.

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