Strip Casinos That Take Commissions on Buy Bets Only on a Win - Tuesday 14th of March 2006

Hi, Mr. Scoblete,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I have learned from and enjoyedyour books!

I mostly want to play craps, but even the stuff you writeabout games I'll probably never play, like Spanish 21, is great fun andgives insight into the world of the casino.

Anyway, I will be going toVegas soon, and I wonder if you would be willing to take a minute toshare which, if any, strip casinos take the commission-on-win buy bets youteach. Next step: Golden Touch Dice Control!

Warmest regards and thanks,

Dear Albert:

Thanks so much!

Just about all the strip casinos take the buy-betcommission on a win only. Thus, you can buy the four and 10 for $25 and paya $1 commission. Or you can buy them at $50 and pay a $2 commission.

Unfortunately, when you jump to $75, the commission jumps to $4. On the $25and $50 bets the house edge is about 1.3 percent.

All the best in and out ofthe casinos.

Frank Scoblete

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