UAW files objections against Trump Marina Hotel and Casino - Monday 21st of May 2007

Says company violated workers’ rights to fair and free election

The UAW yesterday filed objections with the National Labor Relations Board against Trump Marina Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Trump Marina full- and part-time dealers, dual-rate dealers, dual-rate supervisors and race book writers voted in a union representation election on May 11. The vote was 183 against and 175 for union representation.

“Management at Trump Marina sought to silence and intimidate workers. Their conduct was objectionable and the election results were tainted,” said UAW Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Bunn, who directs the union’s Technical, Office and Professional Organizing Department. “Were confident the election will be set aside and union activists will fight as long as necessary for a fair election to be conducted. In the meantime, the dealers movement for workplace democracy continues all across Atlantic City.”

Dealers and other gaming employees at two Atlantic City casinos -- Trump Plaza and Caesars -- have already voted by large margins to become part of the UAW. Workers at two additional casinos -- Hilton and Bally’s -- have also petitioned to form their own union. A vote will take place at Hilton on May 26 and at Bally’s on June 2.

“Management at Trump Marina clearly crossed the line,” said Joe Ashton, director of UAW Region 9, which includes New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. “They broke their own rules, and they violated the law which requires that workers have a free choice in a fair environment.

“This is a workplace where management won’t even let you pin an American flag on your shirt, because they say you’re ‘out of uniform,’” said Ashton. “All of a sudden, the company permits employees to wear "Vote NO" stickers on the workplace floor. Rules need to be enforced uniformly, not discriminatorily.”

Statements from workers at Trump Marina indicate a variety of objectionable actions by management during the election campaign, including:

Illegal discipline against workers supporting the union.

Illegal surveillance and monitoring of workers supporting the union.

Individuals campaigning against the union were allowed to conduct campaign activities during work time in work areas, but those workers campaigning in favor of the union were prohibited from doing so.

Management confiscated pro-union literature that was being distributed in a non-work area, but allowed the distribution of anti-union literature.

“You can’t give one side free access to the workplace, then send security guards to rip up anything the other side tries to distribute and call it a fair election,” said Bunn. “We’re standing up with the workers who were subject to these illegal tactics, and we’re going to do everything possible to make sure they have a genuine free choice about union representation.”

“Its understandable why casino owners with annual salaries in the millions of dollars wouldnt want to bargain wage improvements with dealers,” said Ashton. “But their million-dollar compensation doesnt give them a pass to violate federal labor laws governing worker rights.

“We’re going to support workers at Trump Marina and at other casinos, every step of the way.”

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