£10m Lotto winner has spent it all & is £2m in debt - Friday 15th of February 2008

Hospital porter who scooped a fortune to have house repossessed He blew millions on gifts..& lost rest on football club he didnt even support

A hospital porter who scooped £10million on the Lotto is having his home repossessed after blowing the lot.

John McGuinness, 44, landed the huge jackpot in 1996 - but now OWES £2.1million.

And with no prospect of him paying it back, the bank has won a repossession order for his £500,000 mansion, the sole asset left from his win.

John, wife Sandra and their four children will be evicted next month - leaving him homeless, just as he was when he won the cash 12 years ago.

The extraordinary downfall is largely due to his obsession with football. In 1998, he was persuaded to pour money into lowly Livingston - even though he actually supported Celtic. Livingston rose to the Scottish Premier League and won the Scottish League Cup in 2004. But the club crashed with huge debts - many of which John was left personally responsible for after offering his win as a guarantee for Livingstons spending.

Now John, who was sleeping on his parents sofa after losing his home before he won the cash, faces being made homeless again.

A source said yesterday: "Poor John has managed the incredible feat of blowing £10million AND saddling himself with huge debts. He should never have got involved with Livingston but when it all went wrong, he just carried on spending." John owes £2.1million to the Royal Bank of Scotland, which last month won repossession of his house, according to court papers seen by the Sunday Mirror. He bought the property for £720,000 in 2004 and spent thousands on it, but experts now say the converted schoolhouse is worth less than £500,000. Although spacious, it is sandwiched next to six lanes of motorway near Glasgow. His wifes parents live in a granny flat and they also face being made homeless. John has lodged an appeal against repossession and eviction - to be heard on March 12 - but experts say he has virtually no chance.

A legal source said: "The bank would probably have gone for a bankruptcy order against him - but a car finance firm got there first."

Court papers show he was declared bankrupt for £34,760 - money owed on a Porsche sports car bought in March 2002, which was repossessed.

John has been desperately selling off jewellery to business pals to raise cash - at much less than he paid for it.

He sold his wifes £150,000 engagement ring for less than a third of its value, and a set of earrings and a Rolex watch for just £25,000 - a quarter of their worth.

After his win, John splashed out on a £500,000 villa in Majorca. As well as the Porsche, he also bought a Ferrari, a Bentley and BMWs.

His wedding to Sandra in 2003 cost a massive £200,000.

Luxury holidays all over the globe also ate up the windfall.

Talking of his lifestyle after the win, John said: "Weve been to so many places I cant even remember them."

He gave £750,000 to first wife Hazel, £1million to Sandras family and £1million to his parents and sister.

Now he is understood to be looking for work and believed to have asked health bosses about getting back his old job.

And fed-up ex-nurse Sandra has enrolled on a hairdressing course as the former rich couple fight to make ends meet.


£4m: Failed football club

£1.5m: Gifts to mum, dad and sister

£1m: Gifts to in-laws

£750k: Gift to ex-wife Hazel

£500k: First luxury mansion

£500k: Luxury home in Spain

£500k: Fleet of supercars

£500k: Cash to charities

£200k: Wedding of the year

£150k: Diamond ring for wife

£400k: Losses on property deals


Plus holidays and champagne living: £250,000 (paid for by interest from early years after his win).


£30,113 overdrawn, royalties gold account

£190,455 overdrawn, personal bridging account

£77,478 overdrawn, gold cheque account

£91,367 outstanding, business loan 1

£447,086 outstanding, business loan 2

£94,190 overdrawn, joint current account with wife

£18,462 overdrawn, business current account 1

£476,310 overdrawn, business current account 2

£368,882 overdrawn, business current account 3

£357,520 overdrawn, business current account 4


He just couldnt stop spending

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