London Hotel Poker Circuit Announced - Tuesday 24th of March 2009

Some really exciting news now of a fantastic looking series of tournaments in our Nations capital. For the first time in the UK, a formal gambling license has been granted to stage poker tournaments in hotels in London. London Poker Circuit are hosting an exclusive live poker tournament series at three prestigious hotel venues in central London between 16th March and 11th November 2009.

A series of week long festivals and 2 day long high roller events at the glamorous Cola hotels in Mayfair, Covent Garden and Kensington – The Westbury Mayfair, The Kingsway Hall Hotel Covent Garden and The Kensington Close Hotel and Spa. What really makes these events stand out, besides the fact that they are held in hotels, is the fact that they will consist of a number mid-stakes (£200-£300) festivals as well as several, nosebleed, high stakes £10,000 high rollers events. In particular the September event will be really interesting, as that is the same month the EPT and WSOPE are set to be in town and all the high roller players that come with it.

Playing poker in hotels hasnt happened yet in the UK, but it happens all the time in places such as Ireland and it really is something to be experienced. Not only are you in friendlier, more luxurious surroundings but you dont have to worry above travelling to and from the venue. Not only that, but the atmosphere is always much better because you get to stay and drink the night away with your new poker friends while you exchange bad beat stories. The tour will also be giving poker players exclusive room rates for the festivals, the schedule for which looks like this:

March 16th - 22nd -- Festival -- The Kensington Close Hotel & Spa

March 17th - 18th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

April 14th – 15th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

May 4th – 10th -- Festival -- The Kingsway Hall Hotel, Covent Garden

May 12th – 13th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

June 9th – 10th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

July 14th – 15th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

July 27th – 2nd -- Festival -- The Kensington Close Hotel & Spa

August 11th – 12nd -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

August 17th – 24th -- Festival -- The Kingsway Hall Hotel, Covent Garden

September 15th – 16th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

October 5th – 11th -- Festival -- The Kensington Close Hotel and Spa

October 13th – 14th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

November 2nd – 8th -- Festival -- The Kingsway Hall Hotel, Covent Garden

November 10th – 11th -- High roller -- The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair

The tour is in association with 888 Poker and we will have full details of both the full tour schedule, as well as the satellite schedule at 888 Poker very soon. We really cannot wait to see what the High Roller events look like, with 9 £10,000 events in as many months, we could see some serious action in London this year.

Phil Gregg of Cola Gaming Ltd said: - The LPC is offering unrivalled live poker tournaments to the best players on the European circuit. Professionally hosted in some of Londons finest hotels for the first time ever and with terrific prize pools at stake, the LPC is unlike anything seen before in live poker.

Matt Robinson, VP Brand Marketing at said: "888poker is delighted to have joined forces with the London Poker Circuit and we look forward to delivering a successful land-links partnership. 888poker customers can qualify for these prestigious events through a series of online satellites, and its just another example of 888poker putting our customers first".

Poker for the Homeless March Madness in Dublin

Boylpoker have announced a weekend long festival in Dublin called March Madness Poker for the Homeless, between March 27 to 29 2009 at the Jackpot Club in Dublin. Former Miss World Rosanna Davidson will be launching the event and a host of Irish Open winners will be in attendance, while the sponsors BoylePoker will be adding donations to the charity as well as a number of spot prizes and bounties over the weekend.

Friday March 27 – €100 + €10 no-limit holdem freezeout. 100% of registration fee and 20% of prize pool donated to homeless charities.

Saturday March 28 – Jackpot Cash League Final, estimated prize pool €30,000. This freeroll event is open to players who play 50 hours of cash games or more at the club between Jan. 10 and Mar. 27.

Sunday March 29 – €100 + €10 no-limit holdem team event. Limited to 27 teams of 4. Entry €400 + €40 per team

More prizes and celebrities will be announced for this event, which looks both tremendous value, good fun and a worthwhile cause all in one.

Johny Texas Biography Out Soon

It appears that 2009 could the year of the UK poker player biography, within a few weeks of the announcement of the Roy Brindley biography (Which I have nearly finished and is brilliant, review to follow shortly) another character on the circuit, John Texas Johny Hewston is publishing his life story. From Sixpences to Dollars documents the rags to riches story of the midlands gambler, telling of the highs and lows of a gambler, a wheeler dealer and ultimately a successful poker player. It does seem to mirror the Roy Brindley book a great deal, telling of how a gambling addiction nearly finished him off, only to be saved by poker.

While we are the subject of UK poker legends releasing their memoirs, who else would make vintage reading? The Hendon Mob seems a superb choice of

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