Macau ranks top 20 in tourism list - Friday 24th of July 2009

Macau registered over 13.6 billion US dollars in revenues in the tourism sector in 2008, according to statistics published by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO).

The SAR is currently in 17th place in the world chart, behind Switzerland (14.4 billion dollars) and ahead of Holland (13.4 billion), Mexico (3,3 billion), Sweden (12.5 billion), and Belgium (12.4 billion).

In an article from “Presstur”, a specialised agency in the sector, the Unites States market registered the highest revenue volume in the international tourism with 110.1 billion dollars ahead of Spain and France at 61.6 billion and 55.6 billion, respectively.

According to information published, WTO considers tourism revenues the amount of money spent by foreign visitors in accommodation, food and beverages, local transportation, entertainment and shopping, excluding the expenses maid with international transportation, which are reported separately.

“In terms of economy, revenues in international tourism like international transportation of passengers are registered as services exportations and for many destinations they represent an important pillar in their economies, creating employment and development opportunities,” WTO said.

Also in regards to tourism, the United Nations Agency mentions that it has considered the calculated values without currency fluctuations and inflation, showing that this way some destinies could present some growth in real value (in local currency and constant prices) show a decrease.

In the Top Five are also included Italy in fifth, in terms of the number of tourists (42.7 million) with 45.7 billion dollars and China in fourth with 53 millions visitors and 40.8 billion dollars revenue.

In the positions that follow are Germany with 24.9 million tourists and 40 billion dollars, the United Kingdom with 30.2 million tourists and 36 billion dollars, Australia in 40th place in terms of tourists arrivals (5.6 million) and 24.7 billion dollars, Turkey with 25 million tourists and 22 million dollars and Austria with 21.9 million tourists and 21.8 million dollars.

After these ten countries comes Thailand with 17.7 billion, Greece with 17.1 billion, Hong Kong with 15.3 billion, Malaysia with 15.3 billion and Canada with 15.1 billion.

A world destination

Macau also occupies one of the main markets in the world in 22nd place in the WTO ranking, with 10.6 million visitors.

France now leads the WTO ranking with 79.3 million visitors, followed by the USA with 58 million and Spain with 57.3 million. China is in fourth place with 53 million visitors and Italy fifth with 42.7 million.

To conclude the Top 10 world tourism destinations, in terms of foreign tourists theres the United Kingdom (30.2 million), Ukraine (24.4 million), Turkey (25 million), Germany (24.9 million) and Mexico (22.6 million).

Among the biggest tourists receivers, France, Spain, China, Italy and United Kingdom registered a slight decrease of 3.2 percent, 2.3 percent, 3.1 percent, 2.1 percent and 2.2 percent, respectively compared with the previous year.

Those showing a highest growth are Turkey, with an increase of 12.3 percent, Ukraine with +9.8 percent and Mexico with +5.9 percent.

International tourism drops in 2009

WTO showed that during January through to April international tourism decreased eight percent to 247 million and revised the predictions for the remaining of the year reporting that further reductions would be around four and six percent.

The number of international visitor arrivals have also dropped in every region except Africa. Europe also registered a drop in the number of tourists by 10 percent in the first four months of the year, the American continent suffered a loss of five percent and the Middle East less 18 percent was registered on arrivals.

WTO also said the industry is “seriously affected” by the economic crises and the A/H1N1 flu considering the number of reservations and reduction of airline capacity, and considered it difficult to recover before 2010.

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