James Packer finally gets his male heir - Monday 21st of January 2013

Australias richest baby has come into the world, with the male heir to James Packers $4.5 billion family fortune born early on Monday evening.

Jackson Lloyd Packer was born at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Crows Nest. He is the fifth generation male heir of the Packer family dynasty which has at various times ruled the nations TV airwaves, stocked magazine racks and taken its gambling dollars.

Last night, Jackson Packer was marking his first 24 hours. Meanwhile, James Packer and his wife Erica continued to celebrate the birth of their second child, after daughter Indigo was born 18 months ago. Packer family friend Alan Jones yesterday described the baby as "a big lump".

There is a belief among some associates the latest addition will continue the tradition of male sons taking over the family empire.

James inherited the running of the empire from his father Kerry after his untimely death, even though his sister Gretel was older.

But feminists on Twitter forums were incensed about the intensity of the media focus and celebration of a male Packer family heir. Blogger Mia Freedman tweeted: "Nice sexism in all the reporting that says the Packer dynasty lives on now that James has a son."

Jackson Packer has been born into a dynasty that has recently returned to health after hiccups in 2009.

His fathers 40 per cent stake in casino group Crown ran into trouble during the global financial crisis, after the value of some of its US casinos tanked.

Crowns market value has recovered strongly since as the world outlook for casinos improved.

Jacksons middle name, Lloyd, is a nod of respect to Lloyd Williams, the executor of Kerry Packers estate and a close friend of James.

The search for the male gene has always been a Packer preoccupation. Jamess great-grandfather Robert Clyde Packer started the family dynasty with a one-third stake in the broadsheet newspaper Smiths Weekly.

His son Frank formed Consolidated Press Limited in 1936 and built a print and electronic empire, culminating in his formation of an east coast TV network in the 1950s which Kerry later expanded.

Through Crown, James has transformed the dynasty into one dominated by casinos in Australia, Macau and the US. Crowns main assets are the Crown and Burswood casinos in Australia and the huge City of Dreams casino in Macau.

Jackson is also an heir to media assets through his fathers part-ownership of pay-TV operator Foxtel and the Fox Sports channels.

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